Friday, 10 February 2012

Home is best

Oh how I love to be home. The Siem Reap trip was great but home's best.

While David is having the post-holiday blues now as I write this, I am just ecstatic to be home.

On looking back, I think I may have pushed the envelop a little more than I should with David. He did deserve a wonderful holiday, but he ended up with what I can possibly describe as the worst travel partner.

At home, he gets pushed down my list of priorities unintentionally on almost a daily basis. And on this trip, the alone time didn't spare him either as he played second fiddle to my blackberry.

The Siem Reap trip was organized with the intention for us to have some restful, together time. We seldom have holidays, because we just don't have the time and I do detest holidays. So, this trip was planned since last November and I knew David was counting down the days since then.

However, I was on my blackberry throughout the trip, barking Nazi orders and generally thinking about work. While David was happily taking photographs of the temple ruins and tracing his finger around the carvings as he gasped in awe, I was writing my emails on my blackberry while leaning against a statue.

When he wanted to visit the land-mine museum some 30km away, I'd rather sit at a bar preferably with wifi access and cheap cocktails.

When he was cooling off in the pool enjoying a piƱa colada, I was on my deck chair clearing my emails.

When we arrived home from the airport, I was more excited about seeing Joel and the dogs, not necessarily in that order, while he trudged behind with the baggage.

When he wanted to sit by me and show me the photographs that he took in Siem Reap, I'd rather write my blog.

However, I know I am home. And I love to be home.

I know I am home when David walks into a conversation between Joel and I, and suddenly smothers Joel with his well-worn socks while laughing out loud... to Joel's utter disgust.

I know I am home when our helper, Evelyn, goes through David's luggage and can't tell the difference between the clothes to be laundered and the clean ones.

I know I am home when I see Joel and David glued intently on the TV, with hands firmly gripping the PS3 controls while playing a game and giving each other instructions on which "enemy" to shoot next.

I know I am home when the dogs sit quietly in an organized row staring at me as I eat my dinner, with eyes following every movement of my fork from the plate to my mouth.

I know I am home when Evelyn discusses the next day's dinner menu with me, while complaining about the price of fish at the market and at the same time, hollering at Joel to finish his vegetables.

As I lay in my own comfy bed, travel weary, but surrounded by David, Joel, Evelyn and the dogs, I feel so grateful to be home.

So I thought that with this blog entry, I'd give David his time, and show off some of the beautiful photos he had taken at Siem Reap. These photos were taken, while I was on my blackberry.

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