Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Fast track to a healthier lifestyle

I've spent a considerable number of years cruising in and out of various see-saw diets. Atkins diet? Yes. Vegan diet? Yes. Liquid diet? Yes... of the raw fruits and vegetables kind, of course, not the alcoholic kind which is a diet I might be more predisposed to only when I feel depressed about being put on a diet.

As a child, I grew up with a weight issue which rightly or wrongly I blamed Mom for. For years, she had fed me with food that provided the best nutrition meant to nourish a child who was born premature. She must have overlooked the fact that I did grow out of my premature and sickly phase and into a stocky child who was active, healthy and seldom ill. Over the years and even today, Mom still nourishes me with her superb home-cooked dishes filled with love. Her excuse when I was younger, used to be that I was a premature baby prone to illness. Her excuse now, is that the lunches I had been having while at work, lacked the necessary nutrients to get me through the stressful work day. While Mom was just trying to be the wonderful mother that she is, I just wished she wasn't that short-sighted about the fact that I am now pretty much "over-nourished".

Managing a weight issue alone is never fun. I am blessed with a husband who miraculously makes me appear to be a size "M" every time I walked beside him. Having met him as my rugby coach, meant that we were often into fitness activities together since then. I swear, no diet plans can beat the body's natural response to a sound exercise program. It became just so much more fun, to be training together for everything from rugby tournaments when we were younger, to the 10km races we signed up for regularly today.

At 42, my body reacts a little slower to physical activity than when I was younger. The knee surgery I had a few months ago hasn't helped me in my plans to step up on my fitness plans. So, I discovered the Special K Two-Week Challenge.

It's simple enough. Just have a bowl of Special K cereal for breakfast and lunch. I can have a normal balanced meal for dinner. Not difficult at all.

However, 2 days into it, and I am craving for an ice cream. Walking past the Marble Slab ice cream counter and not being able to get one today was a completely distressing experience.

David is also on the same 2-week diet. His nickname used to be " DASH". I used to think it's because of his lightning speed as a prop forward at rugby games. After marriage, I realized it described the lightning speed at which he strolled to and from the refrigerator. I have been watching him peer into the refrigerator these couple of days, sighing with depression. He sometimes look at the dogs hungrily and barked " Ozzie and Zakk look tasty tonight.".

We are determined to complete the 2-week challenge then get back on a fast track to a healthier lifestyle. I am so glad one of my staff has also joined me on the Special K diet. I feel less lonely when she jumped on the bandwagon in spite of being advised by the Special K web advisory that she need not have to be on a diet.

If you see me chewing a pencil at my desk, or you feel that I am grumpier than usual, at least you now know the reason why.


  1. ahh... I too have considered the Special K diet.. only problem is, I lack the discipline.. But I will be with you both in spirit! Gooooooooo Jo and Dave!

    1. Thanks darling!! You will just have to take me out for an ice cream after my 2 week's up!

  2. This showed up in my newsfeed today - food for thought, eh?
    At least you get to go all marbleslabulous every week!

    1. Thanks Carla for the link. The post workout pizza looked so super yummy..... :(

  3. You know what that K stands for? Killing. Special Killing diet. Remind me to talk to you two weeks from today. :)