Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Slice Of Happiness At Work

As I was browsing through my Instagram feed yesterday,  I spotted a photo of my friend, Glenn at his workplace.  The photo showed a sea of happy faces. His colleagues were clearly enjoying a lot of camaraderie.   The sheer joy in that photo was infectious and I felt so happy, not only for Glenn, because of the passion he had injected into his job at his new workplace, but also the inspiration it could potentially create for others who were "looking for a slice of happiness" in their jobs.  When I remarked about how much happiness there was in that photo, Glenn replied that that happiness existed because "I love my job."  

How many times have you been at work, riding up the elevator to your office with a fellow colleague in the morning and you might ask, "How's work?" and he or she might reply with deadpan face and in Singlish, "Llike that loh...."  That truly annoyed me.  How could anyone come to work early in the morning, clock in 10 to 12 hour days, and feel absolutely no passion for his or her job? 

I had often advised my staff that if they felt that they were losing passion and zest in their jobs then they had to question what value they were bringing to the company.  If they found that they were gradually losing interest in their jobs, then they should be thinking of ways to re-define their roles, and re-shape how they could add value to their jobs.  Nothing, however, could be an excuse for not injecting passion into the job.  Once you lose that passion, it would be time to leave for a new job.

I love my job. I enjoy what I do everyday.  Whether I had spent time and effort making  decisions to help shape the company's business strategy or nurture my team to develop them as solid public relations and marketing professionals,  I truly enjoyed what I do daily.

The icing on the cake would be the great relationships between members of my team that were founded on trust, open communication and sincerity.  Today, this sisterhood of a team worked very hard and played hard too.  Both within and outside the office environment, I see a lot of passion and team camaraderie.

The team's happiness, like Glenn had rightly inferred, is ultimately because they all loved their jobs.

We look forward to going to work every morning, because we have so much to share, so much to tell each other, and so much to do together. Hell, we even enjoy going for girly trips together.  It's definitely a sisterhood, isn't it?

About The Writer

The writer of this blog post is a Marketing and PR professional for over 20 years.  Due to her love for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), she is also a freelance sports writer on the side, contributing MMA-related articles to several sports media.  She works in partnership with her husband, David Ash, who is an avid sports photographer from  She is passionate about Muay Thai and nurtures a dream to fight competitively one day when her coach stops making fun of her.  She is also a psychic intuitive by birth and runs a consultancy that does tarot and numerology readings under her brand, Sun Goddess Tarot.  This blog is affectionately called "The Crazy AngMo" as she is married to one, although she has not yet explained to THE Ang Mo that when translated, he has been labeled  “the bloke with ginger hair”.