Monday, 30 January 2012

Maneuvering changes

This is the week wrought with many changes. I hate to call them changes. Changes sound ominous. I'd like to call them firsts.

This week I have a new boss, LY. She will take over PH's position when he officially moves on to take on a regional role.

It's the first time in a long while since I had a female boss. The last one was LJ, more than 10 years ago. And how I loved her, a great mentor and a wonderful friend. I have always had a great relationship with my bosses, apart from that crass bloke I reported to at the last bank. Like LJ, PH had also been a wonderful friend and mentor and it was a great privilege to be working for him in the last 4 years across 2 companies.

So I hope my relationship with my new boss will be good as well. I think it will be okay if she appreciates forthrightness, straight-talking and old-fashioned honesty.

This week Joel got his letter granting him admission into NA Polytechnic. I am so happy for him although he is lukewarm to the idea of doing a nursing course. " I don't want to be called Gaylord Focker" he said, recalling the movie Meet The Fockers. He's been wanting to do a mass communications course. I think he was lured by the superficial "glamour" of an advertising or marketing job. Honestly I think he'll do very well in a job that demands a jovial, cheerful and extroverted personality who strive all his life to bring happiness to the people around him. What's not to like in a course that guarantees one a job and provides you hands-on practical experience from day one of school? My hopes for the boy is to embrace this new journey with an open heart, an inquisitive mind and an enthusiastic spirit.

This week Joel starts work in his new vacation job at Home Fix. It's a significant milestone for him because he was originally rejected for the role as a retail assistant. To make matters worse, the HR lady who interviewed him told the Home Fix boss that Joel did not turn up for the interview. When Joel found out about what she had done, he boldly called her up to confront her about it, demanding an apology and finally got her to give him the job. I am so proud of his go-getter attitude. It was a lesson for him in going all the way to get what he wants and do what is right with no regrets. So I might "accidentally" stumble into the Harbourfront branch of Home Fix to buy a new power drill soon. I certainly hope he knows the difference between a power drill and a chain saw. Maybe, apart from earning his keep for the next 2 months, he may learn something useful too, like how to fix a lose washer or change a light bulb.

It's a pretty interesting thought to have my very own personal private nurse cum handyman at home. Not a bad idea.

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