Sunday, 29 January 2012

Who are the crazy angmo and his angry wife?

David's the crazy Angmoh. He was born in Glenrothes, Scotland, settled in Asia almost 20 years ago, married to the angry wife, Joanna, and comfortably settled in Singapore for the last 14 years. Home is affectionately called The Ash's Happy Home and is located in the sleepy heartland of Serangoon North. Home's shared with our hormonally-charged teenage son, Joel, 3 loopy dogs, Bailey, Zakk and Ozzy and our helper cum Chief Domestic Officer, Evelyn.

It's always "Spot the Angmoh contest" in our neighborhood. Recently though, with the Australian and French schools located nearby, we are indeed spotting a few more stray angmohs in our estate. When David screeches our Range Rover to a halt at the carpark, almost grazing a dozy cow, hobbling along with the groceries without looking out for cars, he gets a rude holler, "chee sin Angmoh" or Crazy Angmoh. When he walks the dogs and attempts to herd them into the elevator full of screaming, dog-hating kids, he gets a rude holler " chee sin Angmoh" or Crazy Angmoh. When he returns from his grocery shopping and attempts to rush into the elevator with a horrified old lady banging the buttons frantically to shut the elevator doors, he hollers back, " yes! It's me, the chee sin ang moh."

And why is the wife angry? She's the diva in the household, intolerant of mess, loud noises and smelly kids. She gripes about everything from the weather, to the noises from the flat upstairs, to the heap of dirty laundry, not in the laundry basket, but on top and around the laundry basket, to the boy's unmade bed, to the dogs barking at their shadows.

So that's us. The crazy Angmoh and his angry wife.

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